Our Founder’s Story

Sacramento Spinal Foundation were founded by Sonny Ali  in  summer of 2015. While in acute rehab , he noticed how little support or information was available to Spinal Cord Injury individuals in the Sacramento region. He vowed to make a positive difference by maintaining a positive outlook, listening to the concerns of others, sharing community resources, and providing fundraising opportunities to the SCI community. Prior to his injury, Sonny Ali had been an active member his community and created an online community dedicated to improving neighborhoods, parks, and open spaces for the residents and businesses within the city.  Sonny has always had a passion for mentoring,  coaching soccer and leveraging innovative technologies to improve lives, and has continued to do so after his injury.


City of West Sacramento:  Community Values Award 

Yolo DA: Multi-Cultural Community Council – Certificate Of Award And Recognition For Human Services 

Spot light on Sacramento Chapter of United Spinal Association in the New Mobility Magazine